Getting to know us

We are an international couple who have come together with shared beliefs in offering people quality service in whatever we do while holding our values and spiritual beliefs in all we do. Robin grew in Montreal and has basic knowledge of French & Gloria Maria was born in Colombia and she speaks Spanish as well as some Portuguese.

We are in our fifties and believe that life is happening in front of our eyes; we are exited to change our life style and would love to see different parts of the world starting with USA. We find that house sitting is a good way to travel and learn about new places and support home owners with their dreams of traveling. We feel this a win win situation. 

We are currently travel the United States and other parts of the world , taking care of fuzzy friends and keeping the home kept up and occupied. We love cats and dogs, chickens, horses and farm animals. 

We have been home owners for over 10 years so we know the normal care and diligence a house requires. We have always lived with cats and dogs and Gloria Maria grew up with horses.

We have a broad knowledge of work skills, from working on yachts all over the world to owning a Home repair, house cleaning, baby siting, doula services and dog sitting businesses.